Sick and fitful
from timezones and bugs,
a waking Taipei skyline
through my window
I scan my memory’s relief map
and see I am closer to you than
for many years…
just one ocean, a desert or two,
a few thousand miles of bush.
Nothing really.

Backwards I fly in sleep
to the time that somehow
seemed our last chance
before we got old.
With your almond face
more beautiful than it ever was
in youth
and your back arching into
the full curve of your hips..

I am in amber light. Its dawn
You prepare for me
the icy sadness
expected in your eyes,
gently drink me as I turn to water
you know about this liquidity
..nothing solid in your own life

You were the untouchable one…
and yet you let me touch you….
I never thought I would touch you
that wasn’t meant for me.
and yes I was right
for it passed again
just like a season does…

Are you skinny or fat now,
are you happy,
still wet between your legs
like you always used to be?
I noticed you were this morning
in my halfdream

Once more
I almost fell in love.























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