It’s a judgement isn’t it, by thee of me,
this so called abrogation of responsibility?
So now that the social skills police are out
do you think I’ll pass muster?
If this is about social rights, the system, all the law enshrines,
then give me back the right, the right they say is mine….
the right to be dull, lacklustre
a sheep, uninspired, uninspiring
the right to be quiet, shy, boring , tedious, retiring
the right to fold up, cry like a babe, shout like a football commentator
the right to be humble, receptive to the total sum
without planning on a calculator,
the right to love without wit or charisma
plead without pride ,
lose face, slide,
scramble back up towards self assurance
scratching, slipping, straining,
without ever getting there,
just the right to care
without being entertaining.























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