Age of Commitment

The business gurus tell us to commit 100%
to the cause of selling it,
then someone says just bear with me a bit,
I’ll get back on the mobile later,
last minute fast minute
like we like it
then we’ll need it yesterday
so we’ll bike it.

For this is the age of keeping options open
This is the modern age the modem age
the instant access to the sage-advice-page age
the fast car undertakers and road-rage age
the age of  expectation, choice
the age of the voice. Male and female
keys to making all these sales,
are uttering buzzwords (no is not one)
dressing to declare that you’re the hot one
and getting a dress if you haven’t got one
addressing the stress with a guru book,
for volume sales make our figures look
better and thats a restful stress
that harnesses our stressful stress.

And oh how
know now
we must all connect, believe, state our mission
focus, cascade, network, work out, make decisions
have a vision
but I cant see it
my search engines find
the more I know
the more I change my mind.
























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