Cars dont turn me on one little bit..
They crush toddlers’ skulls into the gravel.
They box in our imaginations.
They change the climate for the worse
They make us sit in lines, calculating
the road tax and the deaths of our marriages
through psychological cruelty on dual carriageways.

The best thing is the death of a car
but then we get spanners out
and treat the resurrection of this monster
as a weekend hobby.
Or we polish the old ones till
they gleam in museums so we can
reminisce over the shapes and engines
of the old killers instead of the new.

We even useĀ  them as chicken coops sometimes
what an insult to the egg.

Chicken coops?
Museum pieces?
Weekend hobbies?
The march of progress?
Give us a break
Cars may get us about, cleverclogs
but they break our spirits
and we asked for it.




















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