Feet of Strength

walking for miles
the late night street
where the tired go
no one knows
where the door is
till we get there
when we do
she’s with us
keen to sit
in the room we fill,
a female
female as they come
fancy her
always have
always will
but no seduction skills
just liquid courage
and libido
her boots and socks
to one side
like a statement
of intent
Is that what is meant?

Michael’s there,
his work this
young booty
in his care
but I’m assessing
her fine toes
and prepossessing
and guessing enough
to take one small step
for this mankind.
I’m selfish
I suppose I want her
to be mine.

I try a little move
I feel her feet
with my soul
in my fingertips
so delicate
so sexual
this fetishistic touch
and she doesn’t withdraw them
I am answered this much.

There’s a tension
in the hot unspoken air
seems he’s losing her
soon as he’s found her
and its not just one foot
its a pair
after all those hard
highbooted marches
she needs Dr. Scholls
if anything at all,
I feel
her heel,
Achilles tendon and all,
massage her arches
and slowly move around
to caress the soft parts

Then he breaks it up,
“Are you enjoying yourself?”
he blows the words like hailstones
through his teeth
the voice slices
in its iciness

though the answer’s yes
our warmth
and closeness
are completely shaken

these insteps are


















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