People in graves
shouldn’t throw stones aside.
They should be thankful they’ve
found a place for themselves
to be home at last
from the fields they loved
till the day breaks
for loyal husbands,
good wives and mothers
and various others.

They shouldn’t try to burrow next door
for conspiratorial meetings,
they shouldn’t try to claw the nice wood
even if its rotten
just so’s they can come up for air and light.
They should stay there with their plastic flowers
in the never-ending night
Or else they just
cause confusion:

Is that child mine?
The proof has died.
Did she know that he was hers
or is there more to it than meets
the familial eye ?
That familiar grin
when her legs are open wide
did she inherit that
when her stepmother died
or did it come from her so-called uncle’s
bit on the side?

We put
people in graves
under a pedestal.
They should stay there.


















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