Into Blue

We group hug,
in suspension
at the border of security.
A stranger, asked to point and shoot
smirks like he’s caught us
in flagrante, the intensity
of our pasts touchable
like the skin of a lover.

He counts 123  cheese
we manufacture grins, link arms
he flashes and we fall
into a file somewhere
that may never ever be

I cannot hold this
I cannot hold this longer
a goodbye is a goodbye
a clear division, a cut
in the connection,
a decision.

I pull from the others
only a thin thread leashing me
for decorum’s sake,
at the frontier, anxious to break
I strain towards the nice x-rays
and the plastic laptop trays
and the man in uniform
studying a screen
and then on through the beeping gate
to be frisked lightly
and passed up up up
into blue !























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