Overgrown Elephant

I’m an overgrown elephant
a pumped up pachyderm.
long of tooth and cold of bone
In short
I’m dead.

Around my skull bugles of convolvulus twine,
become my myriad violet eyes in the rainy season,
mass up the vertebrae of
my deadwhite spine in the heat of summer.
That’s when tendrils fill out the deadwood staged
contents of my theatrically  mammoth brain,
that powerhouse of sagacity spilled out
and dried over the suncooked aeons,
skeletal remnants
fastforwarding fossils
of elephants in softpadded
fuckme high heels.

My trunk’s cartilaginous tissue
I prefer to see  dissolved rather than deceased
and still trumpeting and squirting and romping
in the salt-licks of our ancestors.

I died…but
my children still play at sunset in the dust
and when they sawed off my tusks
I decided to remain here forever.

I remain in some magnitude
and everything I have is  the biggest on the planet
including my memory…….




















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