Smoked Fish

I love to dine on Finnan Haddie
with my bonny Irish laddie
You can’t afford to be faddy
if you want to fuck a paddy
and whether you’re avantgarde or traddy
from Limavady
or the Irawaddy
whether you’re a tea or a golf caddy
a saddie
or a maddie
or an unrepentant baddie
you’ll enjoy a Finnan Haddie
with your laddie
they remind you of your daddy

now after karaoke
or doin’ the hokey cokey
I enjoy an Arbroath Smokie
makes me feel kind of folky
like your average dumb okie
or parochially folky blokes
with a mind to hokey pokey.
and my Dad says smokies aren’t bokey
that their flavour’s kind of tokey

I’m not trying to be jokey
but for appearance and for flavour
all daddies like a dish
of smoked fish






















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