Things to do with your Arms

Saw them both off
(you may need help with the second one)

Unburden yourself, arms are weight
and carry weight.
You dont need them,
throw them aside
with a flick of your torso.
This will give you wings.

Boil the limbs, degristled, in a stew
of onions and bouquet garni,
forearms have the best eating,
the hands must be removed…
you could make a fine stock
for the freezer

Use your toes
to work the ladle.

Or use arms to hew rock, loft bayonets
pan streams, punch for gold, serve aces
write War and Peace,
open the jam jar
for your wife.
She may lie happy
in your arms…
or your arms may not
be strong enough.

Be disarming or alarming,
but charming to those
who are willing to hold you up.

Reach for your mother with your arms,
use arms to keep the peace.






















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